The New Disposable Window --

is one of life's great gifts at keeping your hands and arms clean!


Although there is a popular saying - one person's trash is another person's treasure - trash is trash and garbage is garbage. But now there is a system to make depositing garbage or trash into the barrel without any problem--


The Disposable Window is an invention intended to enable consumers to dispose of their trash or to practice recycling without having to go outdoors to place trash or items in cans or bins.


Instead, they simply open the Disposable Window, a twin-window mechanical system in which opening a window would in turn open the lid(s) of recycling or trash bins placed adjacent to the windows on the house's exterior.







It then combines aspects of a traditional window with those of a secure and accessible hatch - permitting householders to easily place trash or recyclables without leaving the house.


The non-provisional patent Disposable Window was invented by Jose L. Ceballos of Littlerock, CA who said, "This window makes it totally possible for a household to transfer trash and recyclables within the house to collecting bins outside the house - without ever having to face hot or cold weather, sleet, rain, or snow. It is particularly beneficial to those who are physically challenged and the elderly. Limited mobility is no longer a problem when the Disposable Window is in use."


For investors: This product is not yet in stores, however your involvement may expedite development. You can contact us via email to express interest in this fantastic opportunity.


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